Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It feels as if it has been an eternity since I last wrote something here.

Two days until Spring and all of a sudden I feel like cooking, gardening and making art. Things I have not done for so so long!

I almost have forgotten who the hell Marshmallow Beanie is. I'm starting to think that you can never find yourself again no matter how hard you try, primarily because changes in life happen so fast. The question of 'who am I' becomes totally redundant, rather it is 'where am I going' and 'who do I want to be'.

Something in the universe has forced me to stop. 3 days in bed with the flu and I feel like something has re-awoken in me. All of a sudden work does not seem as important and all-encompassing as it did.

So I got out of my p.js and with a groggy, stuffy, dizzy head I went to the supermarket to make Osso Bucco. The meat was heavily discounted. Heavily discounted. The use-by date indicates that it goes 'off' tomorrow. Rubbish. I have bought so much meat on special lately. I need to save what few pennies I have, and it has all been perfectly fine.

So, browning of the flour covered meat. Deglazing with red wine (the recipe said white but I have two bottles from a convention which has just sat there considering I am a non-drinker) then a bottle of tomato passata. Cooking covered very low for an hour and a half. Will serve with polenta (quick cook of course) and sprinkle with parsley and garlic. Green beans with the very best olive oil and salt and pepper on the side.

Now I sit wondering what now? Back to work tomorrow and I know it won't take long for the madness to kick in. But, just my luck, it's Friday.

Time to emerge from the underground.