Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cheesy stuffed field mushrooms

I bought two huge field mushroom tonight with the intention of stuffing them.

Stuffing food with food is just so awesome. Let's just stuff everything. Always.

I bought a slab of low fat ricotta.

I ripped out the stalks of the mushies, keeping them of course. I microwaved the mushies with a little water and some cling wrap till they were tender - a steamer would do the same.

I chopped then mixed the mushie stalks with the ricotta, some overripe chopped cherry tomatoes, some parsley from the garden, some pepper and some Tracomare salt. And I stuffed those darn mushies.

I then topped them with a little low fat grated cheese then grilled them.

Served on a bed of lettuce, they were a yummy healthy vego dinner.