Thursday, January 5, 2012

Got my goat

My dad asked for a goat for christmas. We knew someone who could supply :-)

The baby girl goat is staying the night with us until she goes to my dad's. She's gorgeous and I do want to keep her. The cat likes her too but our little tiger is no match for the scared little hoofed creature and she's gone off sulking that someone else is on her turf. I'm sure they would make great friends if only we could keep her.

My dad has chickens and other birds but this is his first goat pet. She'll love it with him and my mum. Dad has made me promise not to tell mum. She's not good with surprises though. God knows when he will tell her she has a new addition to their family. He said he will tell her in a couple of weeks although I don't know how he will hide the bleating which does sound very much like a baby human.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


What an awesome day. I hung out with my boyfriend. I met a new friend who was grateful for a hug. I cuddled the cat. I felt positive. I wore my new starry Marcs scarf. I ate ricotta and spinach cannelloni. I shared my positivity, I felt grateful, I planted parsley seeds.

The parsley pack told me to pour hot water on the soil once I have planted the seeds. This, they say, will help accelerate germination. Fingers crossed.

Happy days to you too.