Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eve of the new year

We changed our minds and traveled to the beautiful alpine areas of Harrietville and Bright. I'm glad we did. I used to come here with my family when little and I used to think it was fairy land. I still do. I'm ignoring the crowds - yes, they are here but it can be easy to not let them affect me. I choose whether or not I am bothered by others.

We've driven up a dirt road where the boy does his fishing and I stand in the running alpine stream reading my book. Sitting on a log bought a few mozzies, and standing in the middle of the river is much more cooling.

I have to admit I abandoned the new years resolution for the last couple of years. I take it up again this year with a little ambivalence - I'll just see how I go. Nothing drastic - just the usual eat better, run better, love my enemy and all that jazz. I have been looking into improving my nutrition though and think this may take up a little obsession for a while. Whilst I love my job the stress can sometimes come out in odd ways - exhaustion, sores that don't heal, flues that don't leave, etc. I know my diet is not too bad but being a vegetarian it is so easy to grab the cheese and the bread. Today I drank a liter of water with chlorella which went rather nicely with my coffee and lamington - hey, it's not 2012 yet!

It's been a heavy year. Incredibly busy and hard for some of my dearest friends who have been affected by significant loss. I have grown so much from witnessing their incredible strength.

I wish everyone well for 2012. For us it's pork chops for the boy and vegetarian sausages and kumera wrapped in foil in the fire for me; as well as a good natter and a swim.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Driving and drifting

Back on the road yesterday after being in the city for quite a few days. It was a bit of a tough decision to go to the alpine region or follow the coast but we've decided to stay on the coast. It's pretty full with other keen holiday-makers but we have our own little secret spot that we go to for a few days each year that's a little out of the way of the crowds. There's no rush to get home although I am kind of missing the cat.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bye bye city

It's our last night in Melbourne and I am a bit bummed really. There really is a lot to see and do and I could do with a couple of extra days, even though we have already extended our visit by two nights.

We hit the NGV today and I made sure I got in some contemporary exhibits as well as some of the older pieces. I always feel so satisfied when I have visited a gallery or two.

I've taken a shot of the bike station - I wish Sydney was as bike friendly. Sadly we are so far behind Melbourne. Sydney feels like a place where only serious road cyclists and bike couriers can survive. It's sad really.

Even though I'm feeling like I want to stay I'm also looking forward to going into the country-side again. I just have no idea where we will end up next!

Stay tuned...


Graf this...

It wouldn't be a trip to Melbourne without a lane full of gorgeous colour. This lane was a cracker - and check out the amazing lovers sculpture on the entrance of a building. Eye-popping.

Monday, December 26, 2011


I'm loving the Melbourne GPO building's promotional images - huge Rapunzels hanging from the roof, clocks, ropes and balconies. Such a lovely building with beautiful shops with clothes that are way out of my price-range. Oh well, one can dream...

Prettiest cliffs

Step back a few days...

Phillip island cliffs.

Give the girl a haircut

First haircut in YEARS. Oh the shame as I watched the straggly split-ended clumps of hair cover the floor of the cheepy Just Cuts salon. Best $25 ever spent. I also bought a hairdryer on special for $10 - first hairdryer since I was a teenager using my mum's (a long long time ago). I also bought some Moroccan oil anti-frizz cream - seems to be working.

Also bought this beautiful Marcs starlit scarf for $20. Could never have afforded the original $59 pricetag.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


From our 22nd level hotel room we see lightening strikes, rain, hail, and hear deep rumbles of thunder. Waiting for the weather to subside so we can go eat. A soggy Christmas night indeed.

The peacock image is a wooden door in Chinatown which I thought was beautiful. I continue to read 'The Tiger's Wife' on my I-phone in bed.

Galleries and the sales tomorrow me thinks.

Asian Christmas

Being away from friends and family means we seek out anything open on Christmas day. In Melbourne's CBD everything to do with Asian food is open. Our Christmas lunch consists of vege dumplings, shallot pancakes and milk tea. Afternoon tea is passionfruit green tea with pearls and a bag of coconut and melon sweets from a Asian sweet/snack chain. It's 4pm and pouring. Plenty of wind, thunder and lightning. Perfect for sleeping off all this sickly sugar in our cosy hotel room.

I've been reading Tea Obreht's "The Tiger's Wife". A beautifully written treat. I don't often read novels so when I get a good one I'm a very happy woman.

Christmas day

Christmas day in Melbourne CBD and I'm just going to hang out. See what happens. No expectations. A run in the park this morning - "a Christmas gift to ourselves" my exercise loving beau says.

Happy Christmas all

Melbourne Christmas Eve

Hit the Melbourne CBD this evening. The city was dressed in it's Christmas best.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve

I'm like a little kid. Just arrived in Melbourne CBD, resting in the lovely hotel room, dying to hit the streets for an evening of jolly festivities - eating, looking at the shop windows and Christmas lights, and just soaking it in.

Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you a safe and happy 2012.

Mallow B


Fruity cinnamon scrolls at the farmer's market on Phillip island. Cattle in the shade, and some birds just chilling.