Friday, July 9, 2010

Who me?

Things I've done in the last week:

- Been to the snow and snowboarded very badly - but much better than the last 4 or so times I've been!
- Watched 'Hurt Locker' on DVD. Not my first choice of film but yes, as good as critics have said it is.
- Watched Marion get booted off Masterchef - crying over the loss of cuteness! Man, how cute is she???
- Bought a new car - a second-hand old, old Toyota Corolla for $2,500 off my boyfriend's mum. Want to sell my 2006 Suzuki Swift because I don't like new cars - it hurts too much when I reverse into a pole.
- Re-opened my Twitter account. Still not sure about its value in my life but hoping to find out.
- Re-started my art teaching blog and neglected this blog! Life is full of imbalances!!!
- Cleaned my bathroom. Why is it so hard to clean the space the size of a Target dressing room?
- Marvelled at the fog
- Procrastinated.

Holidays are a wonderful thing but geez they go so quickly! No drawing but I suspect that may come one day. I am obsessed with studying social media and its impact on teaching. Trying to find out everything there is to know about the internet. I really must get a life.


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