Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am a vegetarian again. 
I say 'again' as I have spent a few years here and there dabbling in pescatarianism (fish only) but have always gone back to the hard meaty stuff. Now there is no meat and no fish in my life once and for all.

I am so happy with my choice despite the many meat-eaters who love to tell me why I should be eating meat. One person even told me I need to check my blood type because if I am an 'O' (which I think I am) I can get very sick! 

Humph, I didn't mean this to be a rant, but seriously, vegetarians are very healthy people! 

On another, yet connected note, I also need to say that I feel completely loaded down at the moment with the material 'stuff' in my life. As I have mentioned numerous times before, I live in a shoe box. Why is it then, that I insist on collecting 'stuff'? 

That's it, my treasured items are going.

Hello ebay!
If you love vintage, watch this spot. Over the next few days I will post links to my ebay store - you may find something very delicious for a cheap price.

Looking forward to a minimal life.


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messyfish said...

Sounds lke you are cleaning out home and body! Hope you enjoy your minimalism. I am on a similar path and can relate...