Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bunny and Molly sat down to lunch.

Ok, I know you have seen little bunny napkin in the last post but I have added some pink ribbon to the sides and am now in the process of embroidering little pink flowers in the corners. I am becoming quite attached to these little napkins. Once finished I will have them as a set, tie a little raffia ribbon around them and give them to someone special in the post - perhaps my mum who loves anything cloth!

In the meantime, little Molly is coming along nicely. I will show you the pics when finished. I have been working on the bubbles the birds are breathing, as well as adding some ribbon like bunny above. In each corner is a little bird who also breaths bubbles.

I am really liking embroidery although I do wince when I call my efforts embroidery because my stitching is in no way formal - more of a mishmash!

I love how my own drawings can be translated really nicely into stitches. I find it a little easier than the crochet process too! Plus it is so meditative. I would suggest embroidery to anyone who wants to be crafty but has difficulty following patterns. Also it is cheap and so easily accessible. These napkins cost $2 - $4 and you could always make your own to save even more money. The embroidery thread and needles are next to nothing too. We are all suffering a little from not having as much money so this will make a lovely gift.

I would love to see what you all come up with in your embroidery!

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