Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everybody on the floor

Here is my most recent efforts in lino printing. Printing for me has always been done in big studios with lots of messy inks and chemicals. Whilst I have always LOVED doing printmaking like this I now don't have the space or time to put in such efforts. Teaching takes lots of time right now so I squeeze in the arty stuff as much as possible. So, in my little studio apartment, with my boyfriend on the couch and the TV going, I plonk myself on the tiles and make baby prints with baby rollers and Japanese hand burnishers. Works a treat.
Banksias and Australian flora have started moving into my field of reference only recently. As I get older I seem to have more respect for, connection with, and desire to record my immediate surroundings. I did stuff like this in high school so maybe being a teacher now has reignited this work. Who knows.

Hope you like it.

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