Sunday, March 28, 2010

Five Faves

For the start of a new week, here are my five fave things (see Meet Me At Mikes)...

1. Vintage cameras.
I love collecting. I will collect anything. A bower bird from way back. In the last year or so it has been vintage cameras. Addicted. Pictures to come I promise.

2. Riding my pushie.
I love my push bike. A steal at $20 from a garage sale. I love going at top speed down steep hills although I hate getting back up the hill.

3. Making mini lino prints.
Again, pictures to come I promise.

4. Painting with oils.
Never thought I would be able to paint with oils but it is working out very well. Ok, cliche now but yes, pictures to come.

5. Reading the arts section of the Saturday paper. Keeps me up to date and oh so relaxing.


Buttons by Lou Lou said...

I love the saturday paper - such a relaxing start to a weekend. A coffee and breakfast out and that would be wonderful!

Ms Leaney said...

Oh yes, coffee of course!!! And eggs and toast...and mushrooms...and croissants. Ha ha. Thanks Lou Lou for your comment!

messyfish said...

Ms Leany how are you? I can't wait for the pics ! Your biking adventures sound like great fun. Hope you have a lovely creative day xxx

Ms Leaney said...

Thanks darling Messy Fish! Have been wondering how your country livin' has been going. So loving your blog.