Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nerves and Colour

I drew this image whilst I was doing Art Education at university, and a friend bought it from me for $20 - a lovely surprise considering that at the time I was broke, tired and desperately trying to keep up with lectures and essays.

Its now about 4 years later and I have been working in my job as an art teacher in a high school for over a year. I love it. It is constantly challenging, hugely busy and absolutely exhausting but also very very rewarding.

Today I am nervous.

I have an interview with the Department of Education to renew my teaching number. I have studied but I am still nervous.

So my interview is at 2:51pm today and I am sitting in a cafe around the corner drinking coffee and blogging.

It is 10:30am so I am over 4 hours early for my interview!!! Why you ask? It is in a suburb I have never been to before, at the end of the train line in Sydney's West. West West. West West West West West. You can't get much more West than here. I wanted to be confident I knew where the offices were, had time to study and was confident about what I am doing.

But I am having a good morning despite my nerves. Here in the West it is so so different to where I am from. Its really nice to be here as sometimes I get frustrated by the suburban whiteness and lack of diversity of my area. I would say the majority of people here speak a language other than English and I have already seen a million places to have lunch for under $7 - noodles, curries, pork rolls, a whole plethora of tucker from all areas of the world. I may even go shopping for a ceramic Hello Kitty mug with a lid for work.

I hope this picture is indicative of how I will go in my interview. I am carefree, confident and happy that I will be able to share all the wonderful things I have been doing with my great art students. Fingers crossed.

And on the 21st May I have my Graduation Ceremony. Yes I am fearless.



messyfish said...

Yes ms leany it's uncanny how much we have in common. I loooove hello kitty. I dream of a hello kitty toaster. It toasts with a picture of hello kitty.
Where exactly are you anyhow? Don't come to bowral if you think manly is white! I got soooo excited when an Asian grocery opened up here.

lakhsmita indira said...

the birds...
they are beautiful.