Monday, December 6, 2010

Brown Sugar Oaty Splodges

I get super hungry at night.
I only ever do a daily shop so I never have anything in the fridge or cupboard except typical pantry items.

So, I cook oat cookies. 
Oat cookies of any variety possible.
I don't measure. I don't use a recipe. 
I just get a noodle bowl and fill it with ingredients, stir, get the right consistency, then taste the batter. If the batter is good, then the cookies will be good. Well, that's the idea anyway.

Brown sugar, old banana, currant, coconut oat cookies.

1 scary old banana
A dumping of brown sugar
A dumping of wholemeal self-raising flour
A couple of handfuls of oats
Maybe a little more self-raising flour 
A dumping of coconut
A dumping of currants
A bit of old custard powder
A splash of milk
A slick of rice bran oil
More brown sugar
Fingers crossed. Taste. Yum...

Then I splodge spoonfuls of the mix in baking paper, keeping space between each splodge. Shake brown sugar over cookies. Cook at 180 degrees till I think they are toasty.

Such a technical feat.
So delicious.
'Where's my cookies?'
'Coming dear'

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