Thursday, December 9, 2010


Nature is so perfect.

In the wild storms of a couple of months ago I found this nest.
Tree branches and leaves lined the streets, having been ripped from trees by the wind.

In a lovely mass of twigs in the middle of the road lay this beautiful nest.
It is not small. About 20cm.
It is perfect.

The white fleece in the centre, amazingly was placed there perfectly by the bird who made it. It looks like it was done by a human hand.

The little native leaves, and a tiny little bit of banksia blossom were also there when found.

Just to let you know, I would never pluck a nest from a tree. Ever.

Near my house in the undergrowth is a finches' nest. Like a little hidden bundle of woven twigs with a perfectly round entrance.
If I move the reeds I can see the nest. I dare not touch it. It looks like it is not in use but I would hate for my touch to ruin someone else's home.

So, I claimed this nest pictured for my own and would like to share it with you.




Sunny said...

this is just so lovely!<3enjoy reading your little story as well! what a delicate nest and two precious little birds~:)

teri said...

it is absolutely perfect. I am still amazed by how birds can make such a perfect dwelling for themselves!