Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pink ceviche

In Australia we eat fish and chips on the beach. In fact, I joined some friends today at the beach and they bought fish and chips and beer! Since I had eaten 4 bowls of cereal before leaving, and am a non-drinker, I just had a swim and a chat. My friend is visiting from Mexico where she has been for one year now. She says that in Mexico you eat ceviche on the beach. Oh how deliciously fabulous that sounds.

I eat fish when my partner catches it, and I sometimes eat muscles when they are on the menu at a restaurant. I'm concerned about sustainability. Besides, there is nothing quite like eating the freshest fish caught by a proud weekend fisherman. My partner catches dolphin fish or mahi mahi, and bonito, and both are sustainable options. Bonito is delicious with soy and wasabi, and is also perfect for ceviche.

Chill the bonito then slice it as thinly as possible, placing the fish in a single layer on a pretty plate. Sprinkle over the top some very very thinly sliced red radishes, some dill, some watercress leaves, some pink salt, pepper, a little olive oil and the juice of one lime. The bonito will 'cook' in the lime juice. The result is an amazingly refreshing and light dish that will make your guests say 'wow'.


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