Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bird and Fish

This is my first draft of a little story I wish to write and illustrate. Because I am a sponge for all things I see and hear I get concerned that there may be a story like this out there. If anyone can tell me that they have seen something like it then I will fix it. Any feedback would be good too.

Bird and Fish.

Bird knew the sky and the land but did not know the ocean. Bird knew the mountains and air, the warm, green places, and Bird knew the other birds who were his friends and family. Bird dreamed of knowing what was below the surface of the water but Bird could not swim or breath without air. If only Bird could somehow know what lay in the depths of the ocean.

Fish knew the ocean but did not know the land and the sky. Fish knew the hidden treasures that lay beneath the surface of the water. Fish knew the nooks and crannies, the dark, cool places and Fish knew the other fish who were his friends and family.  Fish dreamed of knowing the sky and the land but fish could not breath out of the water. If only Fish could know what lay above the surface of the ocean.

One day Bird hopped out onto the furthest branch of a great arching tree which hung over the water. Bird wanted to peek past the surface of the water and see what was beneath. Fish came to the surface to see what Bird was doing, knowing that Bird might tell him of tales of the land and sky. 

Bird chirped to Fish in Bird language, and Fish gurgled to Bird in Fish language. Neither Fish nor Bird could speak each other's own language but somehow they knew what the other was saying. Bird flapped his wings, and arched and dove and flew in circles at great speed. Fish jumped and splashed and swam in circles at great speed. They found a way to communicate by playing and chirping and gurgling. 

As their friendship grew from days of playing and flying and splashing, Bird and Fish slowly began to learn about each other. They learned what each other ate, they learned how each other played, and they learned about where the other came from. Fish slowly learnt about what was above the surface of the water and Bird learnt what was above it. No longer did the other long to be somewhere or something else. They had both found a friend who could tell them.


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