Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obsessions with things

My obsessions with things is never ending - toys, trinkets, baubles and bracelets. I am starting to love dolls. No, sorry, I have always loved dolls! I was never a tomboy and never will be. 

This is a lovely little doll my gorgeous boyfriend got me from an op shop - I think he scored a bargain as we looked it up on the internet and it is quite old! A little German dolls house doll.

And this is another little antique doll, again given to me by my boy. 

My parents gave me this beautiful doll from Italy a few years ago and I love it dearly. I want more but have not seen them since.

I couldn't help but buy this lovely Norwegian style doll for myself at Christmas time this year. 

And finally, this is my trinket collection - my ruby red Dorothy glitter shoes, earrings, crystal necklaces, kewpie doll. 

No wonder I am always broke. 

I am always curious to know...what are your favourite things???


1 comment:

Empty Daze said...

I LOVE YOUR DOLLS!!!!! Can your boy get me some too. Please. I'll be nice to him for at least a year if he does. XXX