Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Spaces

What does one do
When one lives in a shoe (box)
- with no room for a tree?

No, seriously, living in a studio appartent I have no room for a normal size Christmas tree. This can be disappointing because I love the smell and look of a huge, green, real Christmas tree! But, decorating the small places can be just as fun.
 This is my 'outside tree'. A small Aussie Christmas bush decorated with a few bits and bobs.

And this is my 'inside tree'. A twig decorated with my felt hearts, knitted stockings, glass icicles and wooden peg gnomes.
A little nest with felt acorns rests in one of the boughs.

At the base sits another antique wooden peg gnome-ess I made, as well as some of my ceramic birds.

Other decorations include an antique bottle, some Australian gum tree branches, and bees wax candles.

Some ceramic deer I picked up from a thrift shop and garage sale.

Felt hearts are hung in the doorway.

So, these are some of my ideas for decorating the little spaces for Christmas.



messyfish said...

bloody brilliant. Nice to see complete lack of christmas tack...well done. Beautiful!

Shokoofeh said...

Very lovely!

Sympathy for The Devil said...

i love reading this post... i like watching your outside and inside trees, but the loveliest is the little nest!

hope you've been well, dearest Marshmallow Sal.

i kiss you a merry Christmas :)


urban craft said...

I adore you inside and outside trees! I love the simplicity of it, maybe this xmas I might try something like this to have a bit of holiday decor in every room. It's perfect!