Saturday, July 7, 2012

All mine

I'm eating alone tonight and I feel like noodles. Delicious, fresh, healthy, nourishing noodles. Not takeaway shop noodles. Noodles that I can make myself. The 'ramen' recipe below is straightforward. Very straightforward.

Being vegetarian, I find it really fun to make meals that surprise! I think this one surprises with the different textures and flavours - the meatiness of the mushrooms, the crispness of the corn and watercress, the slippery soft wakame and noodles.

Ingredients I used (mix and match whatever you like, it's a surprise soup after all):

Mixed mushrooms (inoke, shitake, etc)
Dry udon noodles
Fresh corn (kernals sliced off the cobb with a knife - please don't use canned, it's so not the same!!!)
Dried wakame or other seaweed
Shiro miso paste
Soy sauce or tamari
Fresh chilli and/or dried chilli flakes
Fresh ginger grated finely
Fresh garlic grated finely
Salt and pepper

Using two bowls rather than one is so much easier. It means you can load in lots of things and nothing overflows :-) Put all the ingredients and soup in one bowl, and the noodles in another.

Boil water in a medium saucepan and cook the noodles according to the packet. I drop in my broccoli in the last couple of minutes of cooking so that I don't have too cook it separately.

In one bowl, place the watercress, mushrooms, corn, dried wakame, chilli, garlic and ginger. Boil the kettle and pour enough water in the food to make a soup. The ingredients will cook slightly to make your ramen fresh and nourishing and not overcooked. Add your soy and mirren.

In a separate cup, place a couple of big spoonfuls of miso paste. Pour some of the hot water from the kettle on the miso to dilute it. I've heard it's not good to pour boiling water on miso so wait a few moments after the kettle has boiled. Pour the miso dilution into your bowl.
Add the broccoli.
Place the noodles in the separate bowl.

Easy isn't it? YUM.
No doggies, you can't have any. ITS ALL MINE (insert evil laugh here).


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