Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poached spiced cocoa pears with vanilla and golden syrup yoghurt

A light and yummy desert for two and perfect for winter.

I poached segments of a brown pear with a little water, about 1/2 cup brown sugar, some cinnamon, a small amount of cardamon, a piece of orange peal, and about a tablespoon of cocoa.

It was a risk! I've never poached with cocoa before but it was very good. Not as good of course as if I had drizzled huge amounts of dark chocolate over the dish but hey, I'm trying to watch my weight.

I mixed some thick Greek style low fat yoghurt with some vanilla extract and about a teaspoon of golden syrup. You don't want it too sweet so it takes away from the pears.

Once the pears were soft I served them on a plate with some of the yoghurt and two tiny squares of 75% cocoa dark chocolate.

I ate the dish with a friend and it was gobbled up. Yep, I'll make this again.

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