Monday, July 9, 2012

Miso hungry

I find it difficult to eat breakfast when I first wake up. Usually all I can stomach is coffee and water, and, if I'm actually hungry, a banana. I usually feel ready for breakfast around 10am and by that stage I am ready to really get my nutrients.

I can't stand most cereals - having not eaten them for a while, I find most are sickly sweet. Weet Bix are ok but I tend to prefer them for afternoon tea! Oats are ok, but miso is where is is at for me. Although this may change once I grow tired of it which I so often do with food!

I always feel good if I have a bowl of miso for breakfast. I sometimes have it with mung beans or alfalfa, seaweed, bean noodles, ginger, garlic, silken tofu, chili, sesame oil, watercress, the combinations I think are endless. I like to experiment too. One of my fave additions is the alfalfa sprouts. I only worked that out after a work friend was throwing out her alfalfa sprouts as she wouldn't be at work for the next few days and didn't want to take them home. Yup, I mixed 'em with my miso.

What miso combinations do you know of or have heard of? I'm always looking for new suggestions.


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