Saturday, December 13, 2008


December...My darling December. 

I love this time of year but, like most other people, I am so frantic there is not much time to sit and enjoy. The canvas is blank, the brushes are dry and the remnants of November's glorious artmaking activities take over my desk - trying to say "hey! I am still here you know!

I am not complaining as the artmaking sits at the back of my head waiting for another Froghopkins Rennaissance. I cancelled the markets on Saturday due to bad weather and laziness; and really, my heart was not in it.  

Instead I do other things. Working, engagement parties, walking for fitness and health again. 

And I surfed today. I 'rode' my first two Sydney waves ever. I have been surfing countless times to no avail. I have caught waves before but these are the first two I can honestly say I rode. I am reluctant to include that glorious time in Waikiki where I rode a long board on a wave which seemed to go on for eternity. That one seemed too easy, too magnificent, too glorious. If I am to include that one I would say I have 'ridden' three waves in my life. BLISS.

I love summer.


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Sally said...

Ps. This is my fish eye photo of Manly on a Sunday. I love where I live.