Monday, December 22, 2008

Pepperkake fun

I took inspiration from the blog 'Tiny Happy' and made Norwegian spicy Christmas biscuits - Pepperkake. There are a few recipes on the internet and I just used one that I thought was the best for me. They were really really good; the white pepper is fabulous. I iced them with an icing sugar and lemon juice mix. 

The dough needs refrigeration for 24 hours and rather than rolling it out and using my lovely cookie cutter shapes, I was lazy and cut the dough into irregular 'bits'. I thought they looked terrific. The dough was enough to make heaps - I still have a ball of fresh dough in the fridge (I wrapped three large orange size balls). 

All the cooked ones are gone...only crumbs and the absent smell of nutmeg and ginger. A few for the neighbours, a few for a friend and the rest for us. Fat and happy.

Happy Christmas Blossoms!

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