Monday, December 15, 2008

Loving and leaving

My dear friend Georgina left to live in England yesterday. I will miss her to pieces but will visit soon I am sure. Georgina with the English rose skin, the heart shaped face, the love of dance, and the appreciation for delicious food is nanny to Damian and Marianne's three beautiful girls. Marianne's gorgeous blog is listed in my blog list under applehead. Marianne loves and has purchased some of 'Amanda Blake's' art which is also listed in my blog list. I don't know Amanda Blake but I too love her work. And why do I write all of this? I guess I love the little intricacies, interconnections, relationships and inspirations in life and on the web. 

Bye Georgie girl, Marianne, Damien and the girls! See you soon on the other side of the world. 

Ps. This photo is not Georgie walking away, but my partner walking along Manly pier. Just a metaphorical shot.


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