Friday, December 19, 2008

Buttons and chai

The Christmas decorations turned into pictures. I couldn't help myself.

And the buttons...

Me: "Hey Pauline, I know that room is your store room but you know those buttons in there...Are they for sale???"

Pauline: ""Why? Do you want them?".

Me: "Ooooh yes if you are selling them".

Pauline: "No, you can have them". 

Me: "No, really I couldn't!"

Pauline: "I will be glad to get rid of them, I keep having to pick them up off the floor".

And that is how I came across the buttons.
Such generous people in this life!
And waiting on my doorstep was another Christmas present. A beautiful bag of chai tea from a friend who delivered it while I was at work. I am so lucky. Photos to come.


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