Monday, January 25, 2010

Felty Times and Twiddle Sticks.

I don't know what the 'twiddle sticks' are in this post - I just liked the sound of it. Maybe its all the crafty fun I have been having when I should really be preparing for the start of a new teaching term. I know that come the end of the week I will be obsessed with planning lessons and the crafty goodness may have to be moved to the sidelines for a little while. But for now...

As a little break from making Granny Squares I have been playing with felty bits.

Years ago I made some pretty felt brooches and sold them at the local markets. They were puffy felt hearts and I used a gold safety pin on the back of them. This time I am using proper brooch findings from Lindcraft - probably more secure (more expensive) but I did like the little gold safety pins too!

I hope you like them. The gnomy girl with the hat is not a brooch - she is far too big for that. Although, I tend to believe that with brooches, sometimes bigger is better. Possibly a finger puppet. We'll see. I will post them when I finish them all.

I love brooches. There is a student at the school I teach at who notices the vintage brooches I wear everyday and says 'I see your bringing brooches back miss!' and 'Nice Brooch miss', etc. Very funny. I am selling a lot of my vintage stuff on Ebay at the moment - I have too much stuff! Check out Ebay at 'smilesblue77'

This is my lovely sewing box. I have a vintage 'Witch' needle threader, vintage buttons and lace and a whole lot of other goodies. Slowly I am beginning to use these things.

I hope you have a lovely Australia Day tomorrow wherever you are!


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