Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet Me At Mikes - A Granny a Day Craft Challenge. What Have I Got Myself Into?

I have been absolutely hectic, doing anything but preparing for the new school term next week. My days are spent drawing, reading, explorations with felt (to be continued), ebaying, etc with sounds of Kerri-Anne Kennerly on TV in the backgound. I am looking after a friends house and the photo above is my makeshift studio mess.

I have been looking at Meet Me At Mikes - 'Granny a Day'. Yes, a definate craft challenge. I have been desperate to learn how to do granny squares but avoiding because of so many things to do. So...meeting my mum last night for dinner I had to sneak into Lindcraft for some late night shopping...

I came out with...
3 x 8ply wool - Black or navy (I can't work it out but it is a rich lovely black if it is black), baby pink and hot pink.
1 x 4mm crochet hook
Fabric chalk,
lots of colourful felt squares.

The beautiful Burmese cat I am looking after (Cherry) loved my goodies as much as me...

So, 7am this morning, ruthlessly following Pip's videos. It is risky to document my progression because it is somewhat pitiful. You know, at first I thought 'what??? A granny a day? More like a granny a week - maybe a month!!!' But I am actually thinking I may master this today - maybe tomorrow. I do think it is possible...

A couple of stuff-ups

Finally taking shape!!!

Her videos are really, really good. Worth following. But I won't pretend it is easy (neither does she!). I feel lucky I have been playing around with the wool and crochet hook for about a year, making only a couple of silly random crochet, made-up toys and many mistakes. So I know my chain stitch but that's all. I have now learnt treble stitch and even made my first little square.

It was when 9am hit and I changed colours that I ran into trouble. I have no idea where to go now. Time for a break - more ebaying, a shower, some toast, playing with my felt and MAYBE some lesson prep for next week.

Oh no. Don't know how to keep going after change of colour...
Break time.

Simultaneously rewarding and frustrating, a series of problem solving efforts. I think that is what art and craft is.


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