Thursday, January 14, 2010


We are housesitting for a friends and whilst I consider myself to be super responsible, the area of fish minding is significantly lacking. It is such a cliche but yes, after only a week and a half we killed the fish. Yes, dead. Gone. Kapput fishy.

I kept looking at the fish bowl expecting fishy to be there, and felt very sad when he wasn't. It doesn't take long for animals to grow on me. There are two possible reasons for the death of the fish. Firstly, we have had really hot weather, almost heatwave conditions. And he was placed next to the stove top where I cooked many sausages, etc. Secondly, I think both the man and I were feeding the poor thing when we both agreed he would feed him. I just can't let go.

I really am an animal lover so the loss of dear fishy was quite traumatic. Seriously.

Our friends have littlies and I would hate them to return to an empty bowl. So here is the replacement. He looks not very much like the other one. I don't think I will say anything until they ask. I just hope I can keep him alive for the next three days until they return.

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