Friday, April 23, 2010

The bees knees

Life is funny.
God bless bees.

I can't be bothered to change a light globe in my bedroom/lounge room. Have you ever done the same? Living in very low light because changing the bulb takes just that little bit of extra effort?

But I can be bothered to make beautiful beeswax candles.
I can be bothered to stick my head in the vapours of the beeswax as it melts in the double boiler, smelling the warm faint honey smell, and smiling that very soon I will have my own natural beeswax candle in 
vintage crockery.

I can be bothered to take happy snaps, to edit and post the happy snaps and to provide commentary for you all in my blog. Yes, I have my priorities right ;-)

Meanwhile, my eyes squint as the light is low from the lack of light bulbs.

But who cares? I have my very own beeswax candles to work by.

Happy times to you my friends.

1 comment:

messyfish said...

Oh these are excellent ms leany. I am saving an old pot with intention to do the same! You have inspired me to donit sooner rather than latter vi was going to dip them but vintage crockery?! That's an excellent idea and Have lots of it too!