Friday, April 30, 2010

Saturday dreaming

Relaxing on a Saturday makes me feel like a princess. A little sleep in, a trip to the gym with a friend, a Jarlsberg cheese and prosciutto panini from the European deli to say 'good work for getting through the pain', a large coffee, some drawing and painting, coffee later with friends, the arts section of the newspaper...

As I was drawing and painting this morning I watched a feature on the ABCs Message Stick about the new website '12 Canoes' which is a selection of "twelve video pieces that provide a visual portrait of the history, culture and environment of the Yolngu people of the Arafura swamp of north-central Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory".

In the video called 'Seasons', the Yolngu narrator notes that the people know when the oysters are ready because of the blooming of a particular flower. He states:

"The seasons are not about the passing of time. They are about how things work together. Everything is part of everything".

I thought it was beautiful. The world does work in mysterious ways and yes, I believe everything is connected. I will show my students these videos and there is even an education kit as a PDF file.

Happy changing of the seasons to you.

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