Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lovin' list


 30 Things I Love...

1. Nature

2. Sitting in the sunshine on a cold day

3. Getting lost in artmaking/craft

4. Reading a really good article about art

5. Going to a social function I didn't want to go to and having a great time

6. Having a great meal with my boyfriend/girlfriends/family

7. Waking up on a cold dreary weekend morning realising I was able to sleep in for the first time in ages

8. Getting the Saturday paper

9. Learning a new skill

10. Trying a food I have wanted to try for a long time

11. Finding that an awesome little patisserie has moved in down the road from where I live

12. Being underwater

13. Chocolate

14. Breakfast

15. Vintage Brooches

16. Vintage cameras

17. Going really fast on a bicycle

18. Clean hair

19. Good dreams at night

20. Clean sheets.

21. The good feeling after an exercise session

22. Pretty things

23. Staying in hotels

24. Aeroplanes

25. Art galleries

26. Teaching art

27. Cuddles from my boyfriend

28. Buying fruit and veg at the farm gate

29. Watching a storm

30. Gold pigment/powder/leaf

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