Friday, April 9, 2010

There was a young woman who lived in a

What does one do when one has no space to swing a cat?

One has to compromise of course.

So when I see people's beautiful art rooms (I too have had them in the past)I think, how can I do this IN my living room which also doubles as a bedroom (I live in a studio apartment) but also keeping the space as a living space. I am happy to work on the tiled floors, on the couch an on the bed. All my works are very small after all.

My dilemma yesterday though was how to make my own 'inspiration board' like the ones I have seen on other's beautiful blogs. I don't have the space and I can't pin things to the walls of my rented apartment. This is what I did with string and mini pegs...

Do you have some dilemmas and solutions to share?


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