Monday, January 18, 2010

My Favourite Things - Part 2

I just wanted to share some pretty things with you. Some I aquired from markets, some were given or swapped, some bought...

I LOVE this chest of drawers. Not very practical as the drawers are quite shallow but perfect for papers and christmas decorations and some craft supplies. I swapped the drawers with my last flatmate for a full length mirror. Lovely.

My bed has a little crochet blanket, again given to me by my last flatmate. Bless. Fairy lights adorn the bedhead and elfy dolly from a couple of Christmases ago rests peacefully. A very comfy bed I might add.

I bought these beautiful hand embroidered vintage pillow slips from a big ol' market in rural Victoria for $12 pair. They are so pretty. I have to admit that I refuse to sleep on them and move these pillows each night. I do however, rest my head on them when I am reading because it is such a shame to not feel like a princess.

Pretty pillow detail.

These are a whole lot of beautiful little antique vintage bottles found by the man and given to me to adorn my bathroom. They sit up high so I don't do much with them except sometimes put little white flowers in each. Little inkwells and medicine bottles, etc.

I fell in love with this painting at a beautiful antique shop in rural Victoria. I bargained down from $150 to $130. It is hard to see as the photo is not great but it is a watercolour original and painted very very well. I usually spend very little on my pretty finds but this was too good to leave behind.

These cups are retro pretty perfect. Royal Doulton. Bought from a market at a nursing home for about $25 I think. I love the colours and design. I think they would be perfect to hold little orange chocolate mousse for a dinner party.

Pretty poppies.

So, there we go, a few more of my favourite things. So many things I buy that I love are from markets and usually cost under about $20 or $30. Who needs new stuff these days?



Nicky Linzey said...

Couldn't agree more about not needing to buy new - I'm addicted to going around charity shops & have found some wonderful things. Love all your finds.

Whyte Lyon said...

Elo luvvy (tis the old flatmate!) lol

Your mirror is still being loved by moi xox
I love your pretty things!! You have great taste, yum!
Lotsa love, love your blog, you inspired me to make one!