Saturday, November 8, 2008

Girls and Birds

After years of drawing primarily girls and birds, it was lovely to have the realisation that yes, I draw girls and birds. Always have, always will.  

What a lovely thing to realise.

Sometimes I am quite partial to drawing bubbles. And fish. And fairies. 

So, that is what I have on the go at the moment. A pile of drawings depicting girls and birds - nothing much different there, however... 

I have discovered the joy of watercolours. Such gorgeous blends of colour. 

It is only the beginning of this particular project so I am providing one poor, solitary photo in the anticipation that there will be more to come.

I am dying to post post post, however, the 'ol camera needs batteries and the scanner died long ago. Batteries tomorrow.

More pics soon.


R2K said...

Lol keep drawing girls. For our sake.


Frequently seeking pron.


Sally said...

Thank you ;-)
I sold this one the other day - sad it went but always good to make a sale.