Monday, November 17, 2008

The big post. Procrastination tea anyone?

I wanted to post some images I have done in the last few weeks as they were 'pre-blog' and I want to keep a record of them.

Blue bird decoration
This has been added to the Froghopkins twig tree. It balanced the tree up nicely. Hand painted with Japanese Yuzen paper collage and a page from an old book on technology in art. I like the irony of that.


Again, hand painted watercolour and Japanese Yuzen paper collage. I love her necklace - this was already part of the paper and not painted on! How perfect.

Pink Alice

During my 12 week internship at a boy's school I had to teach the boys watercolour techniques. As a result I have a small pile of watercolour paper with wash blobs all over them. Pink Alice was born from one of these blobs. Like one of those weird psychological blob pictures, I saw Alice in this. A little mish-mashed and very imperfect but it really resonates with me.


The birds liked the colour of her hair. It was like the softest straw they had ever seen. How lovely they thought.

Again, watercolour, some collage.

The Tea Party

The Tea Party was done ages ago (a year or so?). Never documented this one. The bubbles and tea pot and seagulls are 3D - using mounting tape.

Now I have to get back to the real world. Sometimes that is delicious and sometimes I would rather dream.


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