Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monday-itis? I think not!

The day began a little cloudy - heading over the bridge on the bus, falling asleep, longing for my coffee at Wynyard.

I am sitting at uni today trying to concentrate. It is 9:38am and already I want a coffee break. As you can see I am, instead, blogging, so I may as well get that coffee. I am at a little booth in the library, on my laptop, by myself. I am sitting beneath a James Gleeson painting. All gold and fleshy and earthy.

Walking through Martin Place this morning (my usual path to uni) I snapped the Seidler MLC building. 

I also snapped an awesome sculpture/spiral maze made for a promotional exercise for Visy recycling. The maze was created out of huge bales of cardboard. All the business people rushing to work just stared at it, however, I walked the spiral maze for the sheer joy of doing something silly. 

For lunch I went to the MOST amazing sandwich shop. It is off Oxford St and the sandwiches are HUGE and so delicious. The bread is a fresh, soft, crusty loaf. I had tuna with gerkin, red capsicum, lettuce and chive and lemon mayonnaise. I would have had a Chinotto too but I resisted the temptation because of the huge amount of caffene and sugar I have already had. 

I stopped at the art store and bought, of all things, some pigment. Pale gold. Oh so beautiful. Like everything else in this life I had to purchase a couple of other products to mix it with (a different product for watercolour, for oil and for guache. Blimey). Still, it is stunning! It is a small bottle - $22 but half price so I got it for $11. Happy me. I can't wait to use it. I have been given some wood to paint on which will look beautiful.

Finally, dinner in Newtown. The yummy Kammadhenu. What a charmed life I live! Here is a pic of my friend Grahaeme's dinner. Mine was Palak Paneer (spinach and cottage cheese) with coconut rice and the best roti you've ever had.

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