Friday, November 28, 2008

Camilla and the Crow.

Camilla and the Crow
And they all came from far and wide 
to see the crow and his bride.
From her hair the flowers grow,
Perched atop, the wisest crow.
They arched their necks, a glimpse they tried
And at her beauty they all sighed.
How magnificent! They all cried,
They dabbed their tears and wiped their eyes.

Unfinished yes, but getting there. I began last night and have had a few hours progress this morning. Will continue at end of day. The oils are getting easier to work and blend.

Another soggy weekend and I still did not learn my lesson in shutting the windows at night - again the rain poured in the bedroom window! The guttering is not good and torrents flow noisily right outside the window. Must ask the landlord to redirect.

I found this large feather a while back. I do have an obsession with crows/ravens/currawongs/whatever we call them here in the land of Oz. I love how their mystery and intensity translate over so many countries, myths and cultures.



melanielee said...

Oh Sal, she's beautiful with beautiful poetry to match.
Lovely lovely xox

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Your painting is lovely and I adore the poem!!!