Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Op shopping

My trip to my local 'Lifeline' yesterday was dangerous. I am not a huge op shopper and when I go I mostly buy knick knacks and jewellery rather than clothes. Yesterday was bliss. I found three skirts then a whole lot of lovely other objects. In the end, as per usual, I had to abandon the skirts so I could buy the toys. Go figure. Here are a couple of the goodies I bought...

Deer me!

Apparently this ceramic deer was made in Canada. I fell in love with him straight away. There is no marking or signature on him so I will just imagine he was born and bred in the Canadian Rockies. Over Christmas he will sit under the Froghopkins tree and then he will come back into my art room to keep me company as I wile away the hours.

Pretty blue
I loved the colour of this cheapo vase. Such a beautiful blue. And the blossoms are so pretty. I look forward to putting some flowers in this.

Kewpie cutie

I have always loved Kewpies - who couldn't? This little cutie I also fell in love with although I thought the dress it came in was not very fabulous. I binned the dress and now the kewpie stands nakie on my bookshelf. 

My partner asks where am I going to put all these things I keep bringing home with me. I ignore the question artfully and I know that I will always find a place for them. Besides, imagine all the people I am helping by shopping at my local Lifeline.


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