Monday, November 17, 2008

Can't I just make art forever???

I had every intention of beginning work today at 8am to catch up on those "working from home" hours I lost last week. However it is now 11am and I am still not there. I have had coffee, banana bread, been to visit my local discount store for a friend's birthday present (cheap I know, but some very cutesy Japanese notepads, cups, etc.), and now I am doing this. I also want to go to my local op shop today. I guess what all this means is that once I have finished these entries I must work consistently until early evening. Hmmmm, I will sit on that one.

Until then, here is the most recent "Loveliness not Perfection" entries.

Page 4:

The Seagulls...
Most days she would go down to the ocean and watch the seagulls circle the rocks.

I wasn't sure about this page. Too much going on, the seagulls are fat and weird and I don't like the white halo around her. She does have glitter hair and I quite like that. Still, I did say it was loveliness not perfection I was after.

Page 5:

Vintage Clothes...
Millicent knew how good she looked in vintage clothes.

After the mish-mash of the last page I wanted to keep this one simple. I may make changes to any of the pages as I go but for the moment I liked the simplicity of this one. I wanted the focus on the Japanese Yuzen pattern, and of course, on Millicent.

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