Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fairy dust and dusty heads

My entry into reality this morning was a little slow and I don't think I am quite there yet. As a 6am riser, to wake at 8am is a little surreal, and three hours, a HUGE coffee and a croissant later my head is still very dusty.

I have been loving leaving the bedroom window open as I sleep so I can get some fresh air. Whilst it is a little dodgy considering we live on the bottom floor, I can't resist natural air whilst I sleep. Last night it absolutely poured with rain and I woke to see (as much as you can see in the dark!) the curtains soaked and puddles of water near the bed...nothing a few towels wouldn't fix. But, you know, there was something really lovely about the elements overtaking the bedroom, and something lovely about my arms and face being soaked as I closed the windows.

I have spent the last few hours making another mermaid - Madeleine. Again, more ochre red against greeny/blue, and sprinklings of gorgeous glitter. She is much bigger than her sister. Both hang on the Froghopkins tree looking lovely. Wondering what a mermaid has to do with Christmas would be quite natural, however, considering us Aussies spend our summers in the stinking  heat having BBQs at the beach, well it is not so strange is it? I do like the watery theme.


And what to do with the excess glitter that WONT go back in the tube? Sprinkle it around the window of course! Although you can't see it in the photo, trust me, it's there.

The house that I live in is quite odd I think. We are renting here and I have loved it from the day I saw it. Outside my artroom, facing the street, is one of two gargoyles (there are more out the back) and all the little kids stare at him as they walk past. My landlord says he is to keep away evil spirits. I will post more photos of this crazy house in the future. It is quite fabulous at Halloween.

Well, that's it for now. I really thought that would be a short entry but it never quite works out like that ;-)

What a nice day.

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