Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loveliness not perfection

Here is another Christmas faerie I made. It has now joined the Froghopkins tree (a bunch of twigs - so 2007!!!). Tomorrow, when there is more light in my cave of an art room I will post a photo of the tree as it stands so far.

Page 1 (paper collage)
The little bird from high in his perch loved to watch the seasons change.
I have also started this mini book. My intention here is to have a little drawing/collage and a bit of text on every page of this delicious little sketchbook I bought for only $2.95 at an art supplies store in Newtown. A little like my friend Messy Fish's 90 drawings in 90 days, I hope to complete one page a day until the little book is filled with gorgeousness. I am seeking loveliness, not perfection - metaphor for my life really.


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