Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birdy surprise

At the beginning of this week my mum asked me to make her some cards after seeing my birdy lino (see page 2 of the 'Loveliness not Perfection' book). I thought I would post her a surprise. I made 6 cards - very very simple - just a gloss card with the lino print on japanese washi paper. I thought of doing a few paper layers but I thought the prints worked better on their own.

Being able to work on the messiest of desks (note the CD, internet connection, sketch book, toilet paper for blotting my watercolours!)
I love how you can print in the smallest of spaces without a press and still get a nice result. Gotta love the little things.

Tools of my trade.
After so many years I have amassed rather a large collection of tools. Tools for printing, for cutting, for painting, for collage, for sketching, for sewing, phew. 

The collection
I ran out of the cream/white washi so had to move onto the cream/yellow. It was ok but not as nice.

Finito with a silver ribbon
And this is the little parcel I sent my mum. Her name is Helen so I addressed it "Herron, from your ruvry dorter", only because I think I am quite funny most of the time. 

I think she will be surprised. Please Australia post, don't let me down (this time).



Bone*Head*Studios said...

OH Sally your art is so very lovely!!! Philomena and Margarite are so beautiful !!

Sally said...

Thank you! I really love your work too. So quirky and gorgeous.

melanielee said...

oh Sal they are so lovely, so are all your girls.
You are so funny i cracked up, the way you addressed them to your mummy...

Sally said...

Thank you Miss Mel,
you are a sweetheart.