Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pyjamas, Pyjamas wherefore art thou Pyjamas.

It was my first time into a Peter Alexander store today. Bad move. I did not buy anything but I did fantasise and I will be obsessing until I go back. Very delicious. 

I had to, instead, play out my fantasies on paper. Now, I know I have not been using my camera and I really should because the images are so much more accurate, what is even worse is that when my computer takes a shot the text is reverse, and therefore unreadable. I, however, will translate:

"Carmelita did not care much for matters of the global economy. All she wanted was that perfect pair of Peter Alexander pyjamas".


messyfish said...

hint can shop for peter alexander pj's online!!!! I discovered the shop shortly after giving birth... realizing I needed some funky pj's, due to the fact that I was up all through the night in winter breastfeeding. It was important to get the right look! (unfortunately one pair ripped right on the crotch...very bad look, and the other pair is mysteriously missing!!??)

Sally said...

Oooohhhh online shopping. Delicious. Thank you. Yes that is such a hint hint isn't it???